Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The C-SPAN Lie

Here's a clip from Naked Emperor News courtesy of Breitbart TV showing candidate Obama lying about holding health care "reform" negotiations live on C-SPAN. I submit that his body language and verbal hesitations are those of a studied liar, and that it was only ever just a matter of time before this, like all his other empty promises, ran into its inevitable expiration date.

Bottom line? He lied. Nothing has happened in the way of extenuating circumstance or mitigating factor since he repeatedly made that promise to voters, to cause him to change his mind for practical or political or any other reasons; it was always made up about how the Obamacare express was ultimately going to steamroll public opposition because he always knew that is what it would take. He just flat-out lied - that's what he does.

That middle finger flipped at Hillary and then John McCain during the campaign? That was really meant for all you selfish clingers out there who would have gotten in the way.

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