Thursday, November 12, 2009


Obama's America: Update From Bizzaro World

If you don't buy Obamacare, you'll go to jail. But the right are just "paranoid".

Republican employees are being purged from the civil service, retroactive 5 years. But it's not a Marxist-style government purge.

Nidal Hasan's murderous jihadist rampage against his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood is "incomprehensible". At least it is if you are President PC.

Obama announces a jobs summit with input from job-killers, starring one-man economic wrecking crew Andy Stern.

Obama's ambassador to Afghanistan is undermining General McChrystal. Behold, the strategic brilliance of Karl Eikenberry.

WTC bombing co-conspirator invited to participate in Fort Hood massacre review. Quoth Mayor Mike, "That's how you prevent tragedies." Really?

White House economic geniuses: let's use borrowed TARP funds to pay down the deficit.

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