Friday, November 13, 2009


Show Trial

Obama's decision to prosecute KSM in a criminal court in New York City is the most cynical, anti-American gesture he has ever made against the country he is sworn to defend. The case against prosecuting illegal enemy combatants (as defined by the Geneva Conventions) in criminal court has been made successfully and repeatedly over the years, rendering this prosecution entirely moot. Beyond that, KSM has already confessed to his lead role in the 9/11 attacks and demanded that he be martyred, leaving absolutely nothing to "try" in a civilian court of law with no inherent jurisdiction over a matter that clearly belongs in the military justice realm.

So let's be clear about what is going on here. Obama's real intent is to place not the terrorists but America, the CIA, the military and the Bush administration on trial before the world. That has long been the idiot left's most heartfelt wish, and now they are getting it. But it will not be a trial in the centuries-old American tradition: it will be a complete mockery of those traditions that will strike countless blows against a plethora of American institutions, with implications that will not be fully known for years after they hit.

The left may be gleeful at the prospects, but this whole business places their hatred of America on trial as well; the idiot left is defending these bastards in order to get at all the targets I enumerated above, so whatever damage or carnage takes place anywhere as a result of these trials will be the direct responsibility of every last idiot son of a bitch who wanted them to happen.

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