Monday, November 09, 2009


Remembering Reagan And The Victims Of Communism

President Shout-Out is not attending the celebrations taking place in Germany to mark the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. While many Americans consider that a national disgrace, I do not. Instead, I believe it disgraces only one man: Obama. As he has demonstrated once again with his recorded message (complete with Messiah Echo™), he is guaranteed to make any event ultimately more about his own fine self than anything else, so it's a relief to know that his loving self-regard will be limited to a couple of minutes of preening before the assembled on a big screen.

Better that the name "Ronald Reagan" was not sullied by crossing Obama's lips, because in Obama we are talking about a poseur, a no-account phony who rides on the backs of others' accomplishments while also blaming everything he possibly can on those same others.

In stark contrast to the empty-suit punk from Chicago, Ronald Wilson Reagan was a giant by any measure of human accomplishment, especially as the leader of the free world; a visionary willing to declare about the Soviet Union, Russia's thugocracy and the evils of communism what midgets like Obama would never even think of saying, because midgets like Obama are themselves totalitarian thugs who drink from the same wellspring of ideology as did Stalin and his successors.

Enough about the modern cult of The One; let's look at a real titan of history, the man who sealed the fate of the Soviet Empire, in one of his finest moments:

Thank you, President Reagan.

And, via Hot Air, Reason TV remembers the victims of communism:

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