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Ayatollah Kamenei Follows Trends In New Jersey And Virginia, Rejects Obama

Stupid Power Is As Stupid Power Does

Via Keep America Safe

The WaPo reports that Iran's supreme leader has rejected several oral and written appeals by Obama to negotiate away its plans to develop nuclear weapons. Who would have thought that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would be so blind to the incandescent glow of Obama's magical charms?

Iran's supreme leader, spurning what he described as several personal overtures from President Obama, warned Tuesday that negotiating with the United States would be "naive and perverted" and that Iranian politicians should not be "deceived" into starting such talks.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 70, said Obama has approached him several times through oral and written messages. It was the second time that Khamenei, who wields ultimate political and religious authority in Iran, has referred to the president's outreach.

The White House has not confirmed sending letters to the Iranian supreme leader but has acknowledged a willingness to talk to Tehran and said it has sought to communicate with Iranian leaders in a variety of ways.

In his harshest comments yet on the Obama administration, Khamenei said in a speech Tuesday that the United States has ill intentions toward Iran and is not to be trusted.

"The new U.S. president has said nice things," he said. "He has given us many spoken and written messages and said: 'Let's turn the page and create a new situation. Let's cooperate with each other in resolving world problems.' "

...Since then, Khamenei said, "what we have witnessed is completely the opposite of what they have been saying and claiming.

Proving that it isn't just swing voters in VA and NJ; even a maniacally insane Iranian cleric can tell a lying punk-ass phony when he sees one.

As Pontificated at Patterico, Obama's employment of "community organizing as foreign policy" has demonstrated His deft command of pie-in-the-sky idiocy at every turn:
The president dithers over troop levels in Afghanistan, which is fresh off an election debacle that undermines the legitimacy of the government. Our NATO allies have balked at his requests for more troops. His dithering over Iran’s nuclear ambitions annoys everyone from France to the US Congress (so much so that Obama may have to go the unilateral cowboy route himself). His stimulus-based proposal for addressing the global financial crisis was rejected by France and Germany. He double-crossed the Polish and Czech governments on missile defense to appease Russia, with nothing to show for it. He has been soft on Chinese human rights abuses but — as with Russia — has gained no cooperation on Iran. Indeed, Obama’s flip-flop on the genocide in Darfur may also have been designed to gain favor with Russia and China (who have oil interests in the Sudan), again to no avail. He has made no more progress on the not-so-cold-war between Israel and Palestinian Authority than his predecessor, despite trying to lean on our democratic ally. China, India and Canada are resisting Obama’s global warmist agenda.
Of course, the record shows that Obama wasn't all that as an actual community organizer, either, as many were pointing out over a year ago.

Nice to see Americans are waking up to the reality that Obama is such a huge fraud.

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