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There's no occasion so solemn that it would preclude Obama from making an ass of himself, as he demonstrated today just prior to his painfully meandering statement about the slaughter at Fort Hood. Ben Johnson at News Real writes in Huge Military Slaughter — But First A “Shout Out” to Obama’s Bud:

Shortly after Major Malik Nadal Hasan opened fire at the largest activity duty armored post in the United States, Ft. Hood in Texas, President Barack Obama held a press conference to address the issue. Before getting around to the shooting that had already claimed a dozen lives and wounded at least 31 people, he began his remarks by saying:

I want to thank my Cabinet members and senior administration officials who participated today. I hear that Dr. Joe Medicine Crow (ph) was around, and so I want to give a shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It’s good to see you.

The quotation says it all: our commander-in-chief feels there is no event so serious that it cannot be prefaced by a moment of glib hipness, no solemn loss so sacred he will deny himself a moment of wry self-indulgence. Soldiers were killed? Let’s say hi to Joe first. An entire theater of war needs a plan to defeat the terrorists who struck America on 9/11? No reason I can’t go golfing, shoot some hoops, and hit the town with Michelle.
Perfect. It's one of Obama's countless and revealing "me" moments that the ever-fawning MSM consistently glosses over but that normal people with respect for their military notice because
1) the people in the military are their loved ones, children, parents and friends sacrificing for their country, and
2) they aren't preening jackasses like their president.

Gateway Pundit noticed:
Disgusting… After Dithering For 2 Minutes Obama Finally Gets Around to Discussing Ft. Hood Massacre (Video)

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