Monday, November 16, 2009


How Obama Screwed The Palestinians Worse Than They Have Ever Been Screwed Before, Except Maybe By Their Own Leaders And We Do NOT Want To Go There

Obama has so thoroughly inflamed the war between Israel and Palestinian Dupes For Islam that now Bill Clinton has been dispatched to the Holy Land to pour oil on the troubled waters Cajonus Giganticus has left in his wake. The Obama Show is fast turning into a gigantic ongoing clean-up operation.

Power Line's got it:
Bill Clinton is in Jerusalem trying to clean up behind President Obama and Hillary, whose strident anti-settlement policy has blown up in their face. Clinton's comments are significant only because they show what a shambles the administration's Middle East policy has become. Obama and his Secretary of State have managed to alienate the Israeli government by virtue of their initial hard line on settlements, and to place the leader of the Palestinian Authority in an untenable position by virtue of their retreat from that initial hard line. So now, it is left to an ex-president to play statesman and try to patch things up.

That which idiots fear most is now upon them, courtesy of their very own beloved Messiah. But then we're seein' a lot of that these days.

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