Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A Gigantic Ass-Beating

There are so many different stories coming from the gigantic electoral ass-beatings laid on Obama by conservative voters in last night's elections that it would take more time than I have today to write about them all. Suffice it to say that, regardless of the nonsense Gibbs was spouting last night and today, last night was about Obama, and Obama got his ass beat.

The only Democrat victory was in the lone venue in which Obama did not campaign for one of His candidates, where the Republican candidate was actually a left-wing trojan horse, a Margaret Sanger Award winner with ties to ACORN, SEIU, the Working Families Party and other commie front orgs, was endorsed by Kos and eventually endorsed the Democrat.

In other words, a genuine left-wing idiot whom conservatives wanted nothing to do with. Bad choice by the local Republican powers-that-be, bad choice by Newt, bad choice by everyone involved in backing Scuzzafuzza, but one that proved conservatives are serious about taking back the party from the so-called zombies and the country from the radicals in Obama's White House. The Republicans screwed up badly in NY23, and still Hoffman almost won. That is historic, because the Republican elite has been put on notice: no more putting up RINOs, because conservatives will take them down.

Remember how Obama's 2008 Virginia win was touted by the MSM as a historic re-alignment? Uh, don't think so. Voters put paid to that fantasy with a sweep of the gubernatorial races and down-ticket as well, dumping incumbant Democrats across the state to reverse past gains and expose the party chair, outgoing governor Tim Kaine, as completely irrelevant to party fortunes.

Obama won New Jersey by 15 points in 2008; last night Chris Christie beat the deeply-entrenched John Corzine by 4 points. Idiots will say that ain't much, but the reality is that Corzine losing in NJ is akin to Ted Kennedy losing in Massachusetts; there's yer historic realignment right there. Obama threw Deeds under the bus in VA, but He poured vast resources into NJ, including half a dozen personal appearances with Corzine to tell NJers that a vote for Corzine was a way of paying homage to the Glory of The One. Finally, the White House even took over the Corzine campaign and sent Sherrif Joe Biden to babble at a couple hundred poor souls. And still, they came up snake-eyes.

Some of the best of last night's fun played out on cable news, where Rachel Maddow melted down over the course of the evening over Maine voters' repeal of the gay marriage law, Keef Olberdouch actually bailed on his viewers as the results struck home, and Drooler Matthews glommed onto the Owens win as the monumental event of the day.

But the best story of all was the revelation that the president, Mr. Cajonus Giganticus Hisself, did not watch the gigantic ass-beating; instead He cozied up inside His Cocoon of Awesomeness at the White House and avoided suffering the humiliation in real time.

The bottom line was the message imparted by voters to Obama, as described by Jim Geraghty:

The lesson is, pay attention to what's worrying voters the most. The vast majority of voters in both states said in exit polls last night that they're very worried about the economy.

The GOP message in the coming weeks, months, and probably year is going to be JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS JOBS....

Unfortunately for Obama, he has been busy ruthlessly destroying the economy and jobs will, by His intentional design, be the last thing to result from any of His ruinous policies, especially Obamacare and Crap & Tax. That fact is dawning on all those self-congratulating idiots who voted for Hopeychanginess and in less than ten months now see their homes, savings and careers vanishing into thin air. It is dawning on them that Obama is robbing them not just of their prosperity but of its very possibility, and last night they took the first electoral opportunity since last November to show Obama and his fellow radicals what they think of that.

Oh, last night was about Obama all right. It was all about Obama, because Obama has made everything in America all about Him. It was the first ripple in the coming reckoning against all things Obama and "progressive", a reckoning that will culminate in the Gigantic Ass-Beating of all time.

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