Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Patrick Gaspard, ACORN, and Obama

Stanley Kurtz has done excellent work following the ties that bind Obama to ACORN, SEIU and the radical Chicago political scene. One name that has heretofore stayed beneath the radar is that of White House Director of Political Affairs, Patrick Gaspard, who has demonstrably close ties to Bertha Lewis and to ACORN and the SEIU going back to the mid 90's when Obama was actively pursuing the endorsement of the radical New Party, a Marxist organization thoroughly dominated by ACORN and by an ACORN-controlled SEIU union local, for whom Gaspard was an organizer in New Jersey.

Now Kurtz directs concerned citizens to the investigative journalism of Matthew Vadum and Erick Erickson, both of whom have been scrutinizing Gaspard's history and ties to ACORN, SEIU, the New Party and Barack Obama.

Media Mutters has limply declared that there is nothing to see here, as they always do when the sun shines on Obama's seemingly limitless nefarious associations, but once again, they mislead. That's their business, and idiots lap it up, but both Vadum and Erickson are bang on in their accounts of Gaspard's shadowy history. As Vadum told me in a phone conversation today, Wade Rathke doesn't make mistakes as Politico's Ben Smith is contending he did in naming Gaspard as ACORN's New York political director. Did he have that title on his door? In keeping with ACORN/SEIU's proven practice of obfuscating and switching titles and duties, certainly not, which makes MM's misdirection nothing but another example of the left's persistent hairslpitting on all matters ACORN. The truth is that Gaspard's history as a radical under-the-radar political operative is well established. Writes Kurtz:
[I]n late 1995, just as Obama was seeking New Party endorsement in Chicago, Patrick Gaspard was working as a New Party organizer in New Jersey. (This was reported in "Jersey Man Hopes to Create Third Political Party," NPR, "Morning Edition, " September 28, 1995). Then, in the July 2, 2001 issue of "The Nation," Gaspard and Bertha Lewis jointly published a reply to a June 4 Nation article by Doug Ireland which had been critical of the New York’s Working Families Party (a successor to the New Party, led by New Party co-founder Dan Cantor, and largely controlled by ACORN and the SEIU). In the course of their letter, Gaspard and Lewis describe their extensive joint involvement in Working Families Party activities. The letter is signed: "Bertha Lewis, ACORN, WFP (Working Families Party ~ Ed.); Patrick Gaspard, SEIU State Council, WFP." This does seem to confirm and extend the new evidence of a close political tie between Patrick Gaspard and ACORN’s Bertha Lewis.

No doubt, some will dismiss the newly revealed connections between the Obama administration, Patrick Gaspard, Bertha Lewis, and ACORN as "guilt by association." Yet it seems to me that the evidence points to something more significant than that. We are talking about a persistent and shared political-ideological alliance between President Obama and the complex of community, labor, and party organizations controlled by ACORN. (See especially "Life of the New Party" for more on New Party ideology.) Again, the Gaspard issue is new and needs further investigation and consideration. Yet preliminary indications are that the Gaspard-ACORN-Bertha Lewis-New Party-WFP-SEIU ties are significant, and tell us something disturbing about the political ideology and intentions of President Obama. In particular, the connection between Gaspard, Lewis, the New Party, and the Working Families Party ought to draw our attention back to what may ultimately be the most important Obama-ACORN tie of all, his time with Chicago’s New Party.
Patrick Gaspard, ACORN, and Obama
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Life of the New Party by Stanley Kurtz
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Remember: Obama is ACORN; ACORN is Obama. And both are bigger than you want them to be.

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