Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Massive NY Voter Fraud Investigation Targets Tied To Obama, Starring Bertha Lewis, ACORN Front "The Working Families Party" And Democrats

Gee, and we were just talking about the Working Familes Party -- boy, that didn't take long. reports that the Working Familes Party and local Democratic Party officials are at the center of a massive voter fraud investigation in Troy, NY. Bertha Lewis is right in the middle of it, as she is in so many ACORN scandals. And Bertha Lewis is a very close friend of Barack Obama.

I appreciate the Good Lt's sentiments at The Jawa Report:
WFP is a subsidiary of ACORN, and in fact, they share the same director - Bertha Lewis - who serves as the co-chair for ACORN subsidiary "Working Families Party" as well as the executive director of NY ACORN. More at Big Government - read it all and throw up at the way your democracy is being defrauded and corrupted by the most base and vile filth leftwing society has to offer - criminals cloaking themselves in the feel-good bromides and mantles of "social justice."

Obama's ground troops, ladies and gents.
Well then let's take a look at them, shall we?

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