Saturday, September 12, 2009


The March

We'll Always Have Washington

How bracing to see millions, yes, millions of Americans stand up against their runaway government and the cesspool of America-hating marxists, fascists and just plain criminals that comprises Obama's organization.

It's been building for months thanks to the 912 Project, Tea Party Patriots, Freedomworks and a lying marxist dick president, but the stage was set during the past week when Real Journalists Giles and O'Keefe exposed Obama's ACORN as willing Organizers of child slavery in their own Communities, not once but twice, so far. Then the U.S. Census Bureau finally woke up to the threat and severed their ties to those community-wrecking parasites. Maybe.

This latest radical shoe to drop in the wake of Obama's ascension certainly must have been the final straw for a great many who marched on the Capitol today. Meanwhile, Opey was off hiding in Minnesota making his 114th Obamacare speech (that's excluding the other thousand give or take) in front of an Astro-turfed audience. That's right: in the face of an historic demonstration of grassroots power in the very seat of the modern republic, he lit out of town like the punk he is.

Then behold The March itself, which played out live from Washington and elsewhere around the country on FOX while the rest of the State Media wrestled with how to spin it all.
Time lapse photography of The March on the Capitol:


Surprised MSLSDers review their findings:

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Gateway Pundit notes the Daily Mail's coverage:

I like this area very much.

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