Friday, September 18, 2009


John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. - Where Are You Now That We Need You?

Funny, I don't recall Nancy Pelosi tearing up when Charlie Brooker asked that question in reference to George W. Bush. Or when Howard Dean growled, "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." Or when Jonathan Chait wrote his famous tome titled "Why I Hate George W. Bush". Or when Democrat Pete Stark called Bush a liar in a House session.

Neither does Victor Davis Hanson, who remembers what the left wants us to forget:
So far, unhinged Republican senators have not blasted Obama and suggested that our troops are akin to Nazis, terrorists, Khmer Rouge killers, and Baathists (in the manner of Senator Durbin or the late Senator Kennedy).

When an Iraqi threw shoes at President Bush, there was plenty of undisguised delight among liberal columnists and bloggers. I can imagine the response had a Bush-appointed green-jobs czar said that 9/11 was a government inside job, that Democrats were "a—holes," that Obama was like a crackhead, and that black people were more prone to shoot people and pollute. He would be fired on the spot, and his insanities cited as proof of larger social pathologies.

Joe Wilson was boorish and absolutely wrong to have yelled out during a presidential speech. And a few of the signs at Saturday's march in Washington were, like their counterparts on the left during their marches, way over the top. But so far, we have seen in the opposition to Obama none of the hatred and sickness that characterized a wide swath of opinion on the left during the Bush years — hatred and sickness that were mainstreamed by the likes of Alfred Knopf, the Guardian, and the Democratic party.
One of my favorite devices here is co-opting the language, imagery and manners that have permeated lefty blogs and MSLSD for a solid decade. When idiots of frail sensibilities see it reflected back at them, they spin into paroxisms of self-righteous huffery-puffery, none of which is the least bit honest.

Neither is any of this phony crap spewing from all these shamelessly manipulative leftist racebaiters.

Of course, there is another thing that invariably angers idiots: the truth.

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