Monday, August 03, 2009


ObamaJoker Goes Viral

Via Ace

ObamaJoker T-shirts, selling like hotcakes. Bumper stickers here, here and here. Poster in PDF file for printing here.

Why so serious?

Vanity Fair readers were all a-twitter last year when they were treated to this image of George W. Bush done up in the same fashion, but to see Opey get the same treatment? Well, that's just short of a lynching! Pity LA Week-kneed's poor little Stevie Mikulan who, always ready to rip Bush, blubbers uncontrollably at the sight of his beloved Messiah getting mocked. What a pansy-ass hypocrite.

American Thinker: "It's a long way down from lowering the oceans to laughingstock."

Mark Hemingway: "And while we're talking about double standards, I notice that L.A. Weekly blog which looked at the the Obama Joker poster and declared it so obviously racist that "the only thing missing is a noose" didn't seem to have a problem with an actual, as opposed to feverishly imagined, depiction of lynching Sarah Palin."

Jonah Goldberg: "Let's not forget this famous Village Voice cover."

The always-elegant Ace: "So to the suddenly-alarmed media: fuck y'all and go die in a fire."

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