Monday, August 10, 2009


My Brother's Keepers: Violent Racists

Via Gateway Pundit
The left wing blogs' rabid racism is in full flourish. Case in point: the despicable Fire Dog Lake, which is happily flinging racist insults at Kenneth Gladney, the vendor who was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Russ Carnahan's SEIU supporters after a town hall meeting in Mehlville, Missouri.

The title of their post says it all:

Kenneth the Teabagging Drama Queen (Updated)

Not only do these racists mock Kenneth's fragile condition after the beating he endured from Obama-supporting SEIU thugs, they also hurl sexual slurs at him. To these clods, calling a black man n*gger and then beating him is funny.


Democratic Underground
continued the tea bagging insults:

Kenneth Gladney is a fraud, being pimped by tea baggers (aka POLITICAL TERRORISTS)
This perfectly illustrates the disgusting hypocrisy underlying the left's pretense to all things virtuous. Their answer to any opposition is entirely predictable: they fling insults and racist epithets, slander and defame, counsel violence, and cheer their masters like a bunch of zombies.

The upside: now the public at large is waking up to the true nature of the left in America, and they are fixing to deal with the bastards.

Andrew Breitbart further exposes the left's hatemongering: I am Kenneth Gladney

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