Tuesday, August 04, 2009


More Creepy Obama Imagery

First it was the Commie-prop-style posters, then the Opey-O logo, then the self-aggrandizing pilfering of the presidential seal, and finally those ridiculous "Office of the President-Elect" signs. Now it's the Great Official Seal of Obamacare, which, no surprise, features a Caduceus (typically misused to represent medicine, which is correctly symbolized by the rod of Asclepius) stuck inside the Official Seal of Opey, but in a way that makes the upper half of the intertwining serpents combined with the wings above them look for all the world like some kind of mutant simian pirate death's head; all of this hovers over a nation of ghostly figures, presumably some time after they've received end-of-life counseling, fading off into the background mist.

Wikipedia notes this about the Caduceus:
[I]ts singularly inappropriate connotations of theft, commerce, deception and death have provided fodder for academic humor.
No doubt.

You really can't make this shit up.

HT: America's Anchorman

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