Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh caught a TON of flack for predicting that Democrats and other Obamacare supporters would exploit Ted Kennedy's eventual (and, they hoped, timely) passing by using it to promote their cause. Sure enough, that is exactly what is happening today: he isn't even in the ground and he is already being used as a pawn by the cloying left in service to their political agenda.

Entirely predictable.

But Rush has an excellent proposal: if the left really want to honor Ted Kennedy's memory with a health care bill, how's about they pass one that guarantees every American the same health care coverage that Ted Kennedy had?

Also on the table for discussion: What Kennedy did to Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas and their families; his treasonous machinations with the Soviet leadership; his gross womanizing that often crossed over to sexual assault; we could go on - others no doubt will.

Regarding Kennedy himself, they don’t exactly need to fire up the hagiography. Ted Kennedy’s image enhancement has been a life-long project that only requires the bow of a national funeral extravaganza. Served in the Army, 51-53, didn’t go to Korea, overcame a Harvard cheating scandal, slid into his big brother’s seat, held for him till he was old enough, dodged responsibility in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, though whether he dodged consequences is debatable. It’s hard to image anyone else holding a Senate seat after that, but he didn’t get to be president.

There's no limit to the chicanery that's coming in Kennedy's name. Ace points out the flip side of that:
Hey, if they want to brand the man and use him for politics, it's fair game.

The Drooler declares Obama the last Kennedy brother. Still clinging to Camelot, eh Chrissy?

Three Beers Later has a retrospective.

Power Line's Scott Johnson addresses the key aspect of Kennedy's legacy:
Senator Kennedy's unconstrained opposition to Bork's appointment has indeed had profound effects in the practice of "judicial politics," preeminently in the confirmation proceedings following the nomination of Justice Thomas, but also more recently in the confirmation of Justice Alito. And it has become something of a template for liberal attacks on mainstream conservatives beyond the realm of judicial politics.

The tone set by Senator Kennedy in connection with the Bork nomination lives on in the Senate. It also lives on in the mainstream media -- see, for example, John Hinderaker's "A conspiracy so lunatic" -- and on the left-wing side of the Internet. Indeed, we have seen it on display this month in the White House/Reid/Pelosi attack on the opponents of Obamacare.

We live in Edward Kennedy's America not only in the consequential legislation that he sponsored and saw through the Senate, but also in the afterlife of the vulgar political sham on which Senator Kennedy relied to defeat the nomination of Judge Bork.

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