Sunday, August 02, 2009


Air America Co-Founder Gets Five Years Probation For Theft

Left-Wing Media Visionary and disgraced development director of the Bronx-based Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club Evan Montvel Cohen was arrested as a fugitive last year and went to trial for stealing money. The sentence was handed down last week.

Brian Maloney detailed the case and its ramifications last year, but my favorite quote is from the KITV News website:

Air America Radio ended up being a spectacular failure.
Not just a failure; a spectacular failure, the kind idiots adore. Now that is solid reporting.

For the record, Air America didn't just end up being a spectacular failure; it was a spectacular failure from the very beginning because it was simply a small band of idiots broadcasting to another small band of idiots who were more broadly dispersed than the first band of idiots. On the left that's called "a business model".

Oh, and stealing $875,000 from a childrens' charity? On the left that's called "financing".

Here's a refresher course on Air America Radio's "financing" joint:

Let us recall the Good Michelle's work on the Air America Culture of Corruption.

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