Friday, July 31, 2009


A Teachable Moment

The most laughable aspect of president Obama's role in the Gates fiasco was its similarity to the famous YouTube clip of a cop shooting himself in the leg while showing a gun to a classroom full of children, after which, with the bullet still burning in his thigh, he tells the kids, "There- that's why you shouldn't play with guns!"

In the theater, that's called a "save". In the school yard, the ploy typically invites derisive hoots of "nice try!" In politics, it's simply a gigantic Charlie Foxtrot.

The cringworthy spectacle of Cajonus Giganticus lecturing the American people about race, after his racial grievance-mongering blew up in his face, demonstrated perfectly the man's monumental arrogance and dishonesty. But Opey was right about one thing: it was a teachable moment, just not the one he would have us believe, as Joe Hicks explains in this PJTV video:

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