Saturday, July 11, 2009


Imagine My Surprise: Obama's Science Czar A Totalitarian Enviro-Whacko

Forced abortions
Mass sterilization
Seizing children from "unsuitable" mothers
A transnational world government
Eradication of national sovereignty
Confiscation and redistribution of wealth

Those are just some of the philosophical underpinnings of Barack Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, a fucking crazy (there really is no other way to describe the man) environmental extremist who has consistently expressed his desire for totalitarian means to force his agenda on the United States, which he hates with a passion, and the rest of the world, which he appears to merely disdain.

Holdren first came under scrutiny by Front Page magazine in February 2009 in "Obama's Biggest Radical" by Ben Johnson, but Johnson's article was ignored by the MSM. This July 10 Zombietime exposé repeats Johnson's assertions with even more evidence.

Read it all, because this guy is the prototypical indicator of Obama's freakish world view.

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