Thursday, July 23, 2009


Obama's Obamacare Presser

Awesome. Just. Awesome.

Let's recap:

1. You'll all be taking the blue pill, because we can't afford the red pill;
2. I don't know what else will actually be in the legislation, but in my world...
3. Profits bad, geriatricide good;
4. Keep those cards and letters coming;
5. Predatory doctors are stealing your childrens' tonsils- that's not Hope; that's not Change;
6. Have I mentioned that I'm creating jobs at the speed of light?
7. From each according to his ability, to each according to me;
8. If you like your health care then you can keep it until I wipe out the medical profession and private insurance companies;
9. I don't know the facts but white cops are stupid, racial profiling, plight of the black man, yada yada yada;
10. Have I mentioned that I'm the president?

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