Friday, July 03, 2009


Obama's Job Loss Curve Still A Straight Line To Hell

No Hope, And Certainly No Change

Obama Said™ back in January that if the Porkulus Bill didn't pass RFN that unemployment would get as high as 9 percent. But as Rush Limbaugh has recently pointed out, the most meaningless phrase in the English language is "Obama Said™".

Via America's Anchorman, this illuminating comparison of job losses and subsequent recovery in every recession since 1948. Five months after the bottom of the worst-case 1974 recession, job losses have almost doubled since Obama took office, and Obama's economy is still sinking like a boatload of Gigantic Cajones.

Calculated Risk is tracking the shiny new Obama economy.

Bush's spending and lowering taxes
and the costs of his many Wars is the reason the USA is in the mess it's in.
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