Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Obama's Hypocrisy: Chapter 4,263

Naked Emporor News, via NewsBusters:
Obama 2004: Bush Rushed Legislation Through Congress Without Allowing Time to Read Or Debate

As usual, Obama's massive hypocrisy is showing: what was baaaad for the country under Bush is just what the country needs under the Messiah. NewsBusters refers to a "heretofore unknown interview" (from Air America, which explains the "heretofore unknown" part) in which Barack Obama complained that "the Bush administration was rushing legislation through congress without giving the legislators time to read the bills or allowing for much debate." There being no possible excuse for such a heinous thing, I suppose. Unless you are the Anointed One, in which case you have your chief of staff do the very same thing, multiplied.

The purpose surely being something other than to pressure lawmakers and deceive the public; must be all the letters he's getting from middle-aged couples facing bankruptcy unless Obamacare passes tomorrow.

It's not just Obama who is hypocritical, of course; it's all the idiots who freaked about Bush for eight years saying nothing as their glorious leader publicly rubs their faces in their own gullibility every day.

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