Tuesday, July 07, 2009


No Posts Match Your Dishonesty

As usual, the idiot from Idiotland feigns indignation. Not about Iranians getting massacred, the horror of which is embodied in the image of Neda Agha-Soltan he shamelessly and obscenely slanders me of liking as pornography, but about the way I delivered the message. No honest person would reach this idiot's conclusion, but he babbles on about pornography and conspiracy theories because he would defame any and all rather than admit his BFF Obama sat idly by and said nothing while Iranians were systematically slaughtered by the same Islamist tyrants his beloved President Jugears then bizarrely rewarded with a formal invitation to celebrate American freedoms.

If this opportunistic weasel cares so much about Agha-Soltan's dignity, I guess we should be able to read about it somewhere else on his blog, shouldn't we? But we can't, because A) he hasn't mentioned her before because she really has no purpose to him except as a premise to lash out at me and B) he doesn't think much at all about Iranians' fight for freedom because, if he did, he would have come out and "just said" something about it somewhere, wouldn't he?

But he hasn't.

Now, could be that it just slipped his mind, what with Iran being so irrelevant these past few years. But it's no surprise to me that a pointed search of his entire blog archive back to its beginning returns nothing containing any reference to Iran whatsoever. Not one. Except, that is, one post in which he captions a photograph of Republican Senator Rick Santorum looking at a black woman at a public event with this oh-so-sophisticated gem: "What About Man-On-Dog? Ya Got Any Problem With Man-On-Dog Types?" You know: the sort of thing that would give one the creepy feeling that it's just bestiality porn for this guy.

But all other inquiries on his blog for "Iran", "Iranian", and "Persian" turn up only that one single post. In fact every other inquiry returned the same answer: "No posts match your query".

Nothing else ever, in years of "just sayin": no support for Iranians' freedom at all, anywhere, ever. In fact, no support for anyone's freedom, anywhere, ever, with the thoughtful exception of demanding Constitutional protections for captured illegal enemy combatants- call it a start, I guess.

In truth, it never even would have dawned on this sanctimonious blowhard to give a second's thought to Agha-Solton except that he saw the presence of her photo as just another opportunity to fling his meaningless little turds, which is all this jackass ever does.

So spare me, you preening phony.

By the way, asshole, if you're so fucking concerned about the perversion of a Persian, you'll no doubt watch The Stoning of Saroya M. , which portrays a barbaric yet remarkably common practice of woman-control in the Arab world.

But never mind that: let's get all phony-righteous about the monstrous misconduct of the Bush administration.

You dim-witted little prick.

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