Thursday, June 11, 2009


Palin Rips Letterman Yet Another Old One

The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

The vicious left, exposed to America. Watch his ratings drop like a fucking stone even from where they are now.

Like hundreds of thousands of others, I used to watch Dave Letterman until he proved to me through ever less serious work my longstanding assertion that the left doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to politics, just a pervasive anger at "the other" that pretends to be humor on idiot TV, in idiot newspapers and, on a sporadic, I think it must be a sparsely-staffed mommy's-basement thing at this point, Air America, which once dominated some of the airwaves in Manhattan over an entire four-block area for almost three months one time, forget when exactly. But I remember it like it was yesterday, all that fundraising through orphanages and such.

Anyway, now Letterman says he was referring to Palin's 18-year old daughter Bristol getting raped by A-Rod during a Yankees game, not her 14-year old daughter Willow getting raped by A-Rod during a Yankees game.

So it's all okay and tasteful and everything. Just ask Todd Palin.

Sorry IF I offended you, Todd. Think nothing of it; I do it all the time.

Letterman even invited Palin onto his show, which could be entertaining if she decides to use the occasion to demonstrate how to kill and field-dress an overripe leftwing celebrity creep.

Did I just say that out loud? 'Cause I didn't mean to. Sorry IF I offended anyone.

ON THE OTHER HAND, we have Doctor Zero getting in the grill of that whole leftwing intolerance thing that permeates their every pronouncement:

We are a culture that swims in an all-encompassing ocean of media. Every waking hour is filled with light and noise from televisions, computers, and radios. Our commitment to the freedom of speech should be matched with a commitment to the quality of speech, to keep that ocean of media as clean as possible. Because we rightly recoil from the idea of using government censorship against anything except the most vile profanity, it’s up to private citizens to raise their voices against those who assert the power to strip political opponents of their dignity and humanity, or those who believe the poisonous doctrines of racial superiority are less toxic for certain races.

A cretin like Dave Letterman is free to tell all the rape jokes he wants, but no one should be pointing a camera at him, or handing him a paycheck for doing it. In a nation committed to keeping the government from policing our speech, while embracing technology that can make anyone’s voice heard in millions of homes, intolerance is our only effective weapon against bigotry. We should use it more often.

Can't wait for the inevitable "Imus Was Much Worse" excuses. Fact is, Letterman should be gone like Imus was gone, for the very same reason: stupidity. And he should be gone yesterday.

I anticipate that a large part of Letterman's audience will renounce his idiocy and drive his ratings into the dirt. If he has any sense of personal honor, he will simply go away. By his fruits ye shall know him.

If this churlish ogre thinks jokes about "knocking up" a 14 yr old are funny- he's an even worse mess than previously suspected- and should be locked up. Letterman is a deranged slob- and his stale schtick's about as funny as a train wreck.

If Sarah Palin is SO silly and irrelevant, why the obsession? Clearly the Left noted her appeal, and are out to eliminate the threat- it’s not like it’s not obvious.

And she’s been highly successful in life while ignoring the left-wing feminist model… this helps to explain the extra dose of venom in the attacks.

Go get em, Sarah- and don’t mind the press, nobody will be listening to them anymore after the pending Obamamania implosion-
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