Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Obamanomics For Idiots

Or "How I Learned To Love Millions Of Jobs Lost Or Destroyed"

Via Jonah Goldberg

Here's an easy-to-understand video showing what idiots voted for.

You see, there are very good reasons for referring to idiots as, well, idiots.

Coming soon:
- Paygo: How I Learned To Love Obama's $15 Trillion "New Era Of Responsibility"
- Obamacare For Idiots: How I Learned To Love Canadian-Style Medical Services Rationing
- Obamataxation For Idiots Making Less Than $250... no: $150...wait: $75... damn: okay, okay: $25,000.
- Double-Digit Funemployment: How I learned To Love Losing Not Just My Job But My Entire Industry
- Future Cars For Idiots: How I learned To Love The 2012 FIAT Contenitore di Escremento
- Obaminflation: How I Learned To Love The New Ten-Dollar Obama Commemorative Postage Stamps. All 24 Of Them, Available For Only $239.95 Per Set! Collect Yours Today!

In other news, last month I personally saved or created 300,000 jobs. Don't believe me? Then prove I didn't.

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