Saturday, June 13, 2009


Glenn Beck Doo-Wops On The Incandescent Stupidity Of Paul F'n Krudman

Paul Krugman. What an asshole. Really. Even for a NYT columnist, all of whom are assholes. Except when Karl Rove guests, y'all.

Anyway: huge asshole, the Krugster.

Here's Beck on why Krugman is such an asshole:

Newsflash for ya, Paul: Rightwing Conspiracy Theories ain't nuthin but political porn for leftwing idiots.

How so, you ask?

Well, take for instance this: Right wingers don't fantasize about killing the president, destroying the economy and losing the war in Iraq the way leftwing idiots have from Searchlight to Burnaby for eight. fucking. years.

So I say again: Paulie? Asshole.

Wow, Beck is everywhere.

Tipping point coming.

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