Thursday, November 22, 2007


“We Are Going To Iraq”

Troops are returning to the United States from Iraq in a drawdown that will proceed in the months to come. British Army units are withdrawing from Basra. Violence is down by a phenomenal measure.

Now The Times Online reports a mass convoy of Iraqis is scheduled next week to return to Iraq from Syria.

Iraqi refugees are returning home in dramatic numbers, concluding that security in Baghdad has been transformed. Thousands have left their refuge in Syria in recent months, according to some estimates.

The Iraqi Embassy is organising a secure mass convoy from Damascus to Baghdad on Monday for refugees who want to drive back. Embassy notices went up around the Syrian capital yesterday, offering free bus and train rides home.

Saida Zaynab, the Damascus neighbourhoods once dominated by many of the 1.5 million Iraqi refugees, is almost deserted. Apartment prices are plummeting and once-crowded shops and buses are half empty.
Typically, the U.N. is struggling to even process the news, let alone add anything useful to the matter.

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) was scrambling to assess the transformation last night. An interim report is expected today. “There is a large movement of people going back to Iraq. We are doing rapid research on this,” a spokesman said.
An interim report is expected today. Wow. We are doing rapid research on this. Wow. What a bureaucratic genius that guy must be. It reminds me of the U.N.'s pathetic diddling while U.S. Marines and Aussie forces delivered real-life aid to post-tsunami Thailand, much to leftards' bewilderment. I'm going to have to check on that, a leftard said to me upon hearing that particular news.

I'll just bet you will, I thought. Happy checking, leftard.

I've got a question: Is there an Interim Report and Rapid Research on UN child-porn and slavery rackets in Africa?

Anyway, back to the returning Iraqis, and what their exodus portends: Iraqis are slamming Iranian interference in Iraq and signing a national petition against it.

Wouldn't you know it: give Iraqis freedom and all of a sudden they're a bunch of uppity troublemakers, all shouting about initiative, the vote and rebuilding the country. What a bunch of Rethuglicans.

Victory: It comes from confidence and commitment.

Idiots mistake those virtues for arrogance and stubbornness, which is but one reason they are idiots.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi announced long ago that Iraqis weren't worth American efforts in their defense. Meanwhile Iraqis are embarrassing Reid and Pelosi with their commitment to a new democratic Iraq.

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