Saturday, November 03, 2007


Saturday Roundup

Delaware University says I'm a racist because I'm white, which seems somehow racist to me, but as of now I'm being given a reprieve.

This is leftist idiocy at its zenith, as dangerous as ever.

Diplomacy is the answer, until diplomats get the call to action. Then the answer is to close the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. Because taking an oath doesn't count if you're a pussy. Drew M. offers a solution:

If there are members of the Foreign Service who aren't willing to step up and take on this challenge, then they need to find another career. Something less challenging, less important to the good of the world. Maybe they could become professors.

I wouldn't waste my time on this crap movie anyway, and especially not after seeing this. Yecchh. The upside: this dog may put paid to future antiwar crap movies.

More money = more violence. Hell, with these guys, more anything equals more violence.

Power Line: Iraqis Returning Home
Remember a few months ago when the Left was furiously denying any suggestion that our armed forces were fighting al Qaeda in Iraq? We haven't heard much of that lately.
Nor will you...

The Politics of Something-or-Other: the Edwards Campaign parses Hillary!.

More "intelligence" for the Muslim "street". Al Jazeera: American planes attacked Syria with tactical nuclear weapons. And Bush and Cheney led the squadron to glory. Praise Allah.

As another evil Zionist plot unfolds, the Gaza Strip takes on a whole new meaning.

Good news is no news.

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