Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Leadership 101

President Bush, in a statement from the White House on the Annapolis Conference, defines the problem simply by enumerating the fruits of its solution:

Today, Palestinians and Israelis each understand that helping the other to realize their aspirations is the key to realizing their own, and both require an independent, democratic, viable Palestinian state. Such a state will provide Palestinians with the chance to lead lives of freedom, purpose and dignity. And such a state will help provide Israelis with something they have been seeking for generations: to live in peace with their neighbors.
The President is doing exactly the right thing, setting the table for the creation of a Palestinian state that spends its energies on building itself up into a democracy. He is forcing the Palestinians onto the world stage to once again choose between the barbarism of the past and the possibilities of the future. The Saudis and others apparently demanded this conference as a condition for opening embassies in Iraq. Whether they thought that would be a deal-stopper isn't clear, but Bush's response says that he's fine with it, and why not? It puts the ball squarely in the Palestinians' court.

All Arabs including Palestinians can formally and permanently acknowledge the legitimacy of the state of Israel, and there will be peace. Or Palestinians can continue launching yet more and better Kassams at Israeli civilians.

Either way, Bush has made it clear that the entire world, including all you Islamist fucks skulking over in the corner, must recognize the state of Israel. Otherwise, there can be no peace, because Israelis will never surrender to the cruelties of Islamofascism. Too much in the way of Hitler.

I note that Andy McCarthy is not so sanguine. I know where he's coming from, because I don't think that anyone, including President Bush, believes that the Palestinians will go for "Israel, The Nation State."

But it's right to offer the Palestinian leadership another opportunity to opt for co-existence with Israel on mutually agreeable terms.

Anything about that that isn't reasonable?

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