Thursday, November 22, 2007


Iraqi Shiites Join Bush's March To War On Iran

According to terror-enabling idiot Chris Hedges, President Bush is lying again, this time blaming Iranian troublemaking in southern Iraq as a false pretense for attacking Iran sometime before the 2008 election. Tiger Hawk points out that this news is problematic to idiots who deny Iran is causing mayhem for Iraqi Shiites.

More than 300,000 Shiite Muslims from southern Iraq have signed a petition condemning Iran for fomenting violence in Iraq, according to a group of sheiks leading the campaign. "The Iranians, in fact, have taken over all of south Iraq," said a senior tribal leader from the south who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared for his life. "Their influence is everywhere."


The petition, which the organizers said was signed by 600 sheiks, calls on the United Nations to send a delegation to investigate what it termed crimes committed by Iran and its proxies in southern Iraq.

"The most painful stab in the back of the Shiites in Iraq by the Iranian regime has been its shameful abuse of Shiite religion to achieve its ominous end," the sheiks said in a statement. "The only solution and hopeful prospect for Iraq, and in particular the southern provinces, is the eviction of the Iranian regime from our homeland."
Belmont Club:
This is the kind of organizing strategy the Left, back when it supposedly championed this sort of thing, would have been proud to espouse. Too bad it left the job of fighting dictatorships to MNF-Iraq. Iraq has been a tragedy for the Left in a way that it has never been for conservatives.
Here's Hitchens unloading on the aforementioned hapless Chris Hedges. I particularly like Hitchens' closing evaluation of Hedges' moral relativism and intellectual slovenliness, for which Hedges naturally has no reply.


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