Friday, November 30, 2007



Same Shit, Different Day
Gateway Pundit corrects Screamin' Howard on a matter of historical fact. Devastating.

Have We Looked Into The Root Causes For This?
An armed man has taken hostages at a Hillary! campaign office. Promising to blow up two hostages if he doesn't get an audience with Hil.

UPDATE: All's well that ends well.

Sistani: Smile On Your Brother
Iraq reconciliation may not be going the way Harry Reid and the Surrendercrats say it should, but it's happening nonetheless. In big ways, as the Tank explains.

Flashback: Ouch
Jeff Goldstein coolly deconstructs the inane rantings of a leftist pissant (apologies to non-idiot pissants everywhere). I knew there was a reason I saved it to my desktop.

Q: Can you leftist pissants please stop being inane so that I may employ a different adjective? Just once?

Put A Sock In It
"I think, I think, the, the surge is working." Chrissakes, shut the fuck up, you crazy old man!!!

As Plain As The Hole In Your Head
A Goldbergian aside and a reader's response richly illustrate the difference between intellectual honesty and smug self-righteousness.

Front Row Moonbat
Cumb dunt/hideous terror apologist Helen Thomas gets told by White House Angel-In-Our-Midst Dana Perino, who admonished the Old Thing to "Stop being such a cumb dunt." Refreshing to see Perino put it in its place when even Ari Fleischer and Tony Snow had no stomach for combat with it. In their defense, I imagine interacting with the Old Thing is akin to lowering oneself into a months-dormant hot-tub in the Villages, so good on the Lovely Angel for going in to engage.

Here's the Lovely Angel in all her stunning color, with her big ole' Army friends:

There ya go. And she's six-foot-two, I shit you not.

Thanks to Ace for the term "hideous terror apologist". It works on so many levels.

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