Thursday, November 01, 2007


Hillary Unmasked

Until Herself's meltdown in this week's MSNBC debate, the Hillary! campaign enjoyed an air of inevitability bestowed upon it by the MSM. Now, they appear to be stunned that Tim Russert and Brian Williams had the audacity to ask real questions, the answers to which revealed her every bit the prevaricating Clinton, albeit lacking in Bill's oleaginousness.

Even more revealing than Hillary!'s fork-tongued answer to the question of licenses for illegal aliens is her campaign's reaction to being held responsible for said answer by her opponents on stage. Imagine! In a post-debate damage-control conference call with supporters, campaign directors complained that Herself's opponents were guilty of a new species of affront, "The Politics Of Piling On," or, as it's known in adult circles, "accountability". They apparently didn't know that stepping into the ring says that you're ready to fight, and if you ain't, you're going to get your monster ass handed to you.

Hillary!'s meltdown and its aftermath have been instructive on a couple of fronts. We got to see a glimpse of the ill-tempered, dishonest shrew that we know so well from days of yore; we saw Herself panic when the light was suddenly shone on that dishonesty in a public forum not under her tight control and, in a major-status supporter's confession that she thought Tim Russert should be shot, we saw the Thing that drives Herself's campaign.

Not that I believe for one second that the woman really wanted to shoot Tim Russert- just an observation and a style tip for all you idiots who think Ann Coulter actually wants to kill everyone she says she wants to. That's just ridiculous, if for no other reason than that it is logistically impossible. There may in fact be no other reason, but that's for Ann to say. Besides, no-one calls more gleefully for their opponents' deaths than the Daily Cocksuckers.

Anyway, Republicans' notebooks are getting thicker by the day. Soon they will be made into playbooks.


Now comes word that Herself has decided on one answer and one answer only, at least this time: she is in favor of drivers' licenses for illegal aliens.


From the Campaign Spot:

How do you make a flip-flop worse?

Embrace the position that only your base likes.

“Senator Clinton supports governors like Governor Spitzer who believe they need such a measure to deal with the crisis caused by this administration’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform,’” her campaign said.

Guess she isn't running her general election campaign quite yet!

If MediaMatters isn't blatantly manning the barricades for Hillary! in the wake of her meltdown, they've sure got me fooled, what with twenty-one links to sources in service to their criticisms of Russert, Williams et al and, for God's sake, even droolin' Chris Matthews. And that's only the main article on that page. There are six more Defending Hillary! articles in the sidebar. Anyone who launches on Hillary! gets it at the famously impartial progressive non-profit MediaMatters.
I appreciate the main story's impartial progressive non-profit title: "Media figures note Russert's repeat performance as Clinton's 'opponent' during debate."

A whinefest follows. Who'd a thunk?

Jonah Goldberg:

The M&Mers insist they aren't a mouthpiece for Hillary, but a "progressive" non-profit something or other. So why are they constantly carrying water for Hillary? ... Indeed, by most accountings these days, Hillary's the least progressive candidate on that stage (I'm not persuaded by those arguments, but that is the message the Clintonites want out there and it's the one MM peddles whenever Hillary is dubbed too leftwing). Wouldn't a truly progressive organization, not interested in partisan politics or advancing Hillary's campaign, be more interested in pressing Hillary to answer the questions asked of her? Couldn't a progressive truth-squad salute Russert for holding Hillary's feet to the fire? The answer is, of course. But the reality is that Media Matters is a Hillary pitbull first, a Democratic mouthpiece second, a vanity project for Brock third and somewhere past that it might be something like a watchdog group.
Hey, progressive non-profit MediaMatters: did you guys know there are other candidates in the Democratic campaign?

Yeaah, reeaally!

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