Sunday, November 25, 2007


19 More Reasons For Giving Thanks

Deroy Murdock chronicles the myriad terrorist plots against the U.S. that have been thwarted since 9-11. These are only the ones we know about; there may well be more:
As Americans enjoy the peace and comfort of Thanksgiving weekend, be grateful the U.S. has suffered no significant terror attack since the September 11 massacre. As the Heritage Foundation demonstrates, this is no accident.


This chilling roster proves that Islamo-fascism is real, not just “a figment of the neocon imagination,” as writer Paul Krugman claimed in a recently published hallucination. He also believes he sees “fear of dark-skinned people in general” as Republicans’ rationale for fighting militant Islam.

Defeating Islamo-fascism is not about color. It’s about carnage, such as what Americans collectively experienced on live TV seven Septembers ago. If Krugman cannot fathom this, he should put down his quill pen and pick up Heritage’s report.
I understand Murdock's criticism of the Bush White House in giving such bullshit a pass:
The Bush Administration’s maddening sense of modesty is among its greatest failings. Unlike its critics’ ceaseless heckling and catcalls, the president and his top aides rarely proclaim their victories, even in this vital area. Rather than trumpet terror plans unraveled and bombs defused, the White House emits a passing mention here and a presidential mumble there. Into this relative silence stroll Krugmanite detractors who denounce Team Bush as paranoid cranks who worry too much about a supposedly minor terrorist challenge.
I personally don't need to know about every single time a KSM gets rounded up and grated for intelligence, but it would probably be beneficial to tell a tale here and there. At any rate, picking off nineteen catastrophic attacks in six years certainly works for me.

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