Wednesday, February 07, 2007



Soon-to-be ex-Presidential candidate John Edwards has done what most adults only wish they could do- he's made a couple of the left's stock-in-trade angry bigots disappear from the face of the Earth.

LGF's Charles Johnson has the facts of the story, while Michelle Malkin captures the essence (hilarity warning).

How did Edwards pull off this modern miracle? Simple: he hired them for his campaign; once their true natures were bared to the adult world, they had no choice but to run for the hills after tossing their rantings (of which they were so proud mere days ago) down the memory-hole.

UPDATE Feb. 11/07
Edwards is keeping his blogharpies on the campaign, declaring to all who have read their angry bigotry that they would never hurt a flea. Well. I like that news very much, because exploding idiot-circuses are fun.

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