Sunday, November 12, 2006


The Terrorist Financier Formerly Known As Cat Stevens?

My Pet Jawa has acquired evidence that Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, has connections to radical clerics Omar Bakri Mohammed & Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and has financed terrorist operations:

In an online voice chat from exile in Lebanon where he fled after British authorities banned several groups connected to him, Bakri told followers that various prominent Muslims would once frequent his office. Among those listed is Cat Stevens.

Bakri Mohammed has urged Muslims in the U.K. to fight British troops in Iraq and elsewhere, justified the 7/7 London bombings, and has publicly called for the murder of all who blaspheme the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

Several followers of Bakri Mohammed have been arrested for their public calls for the murder of blasphemers. At least one has been recently been convicted.

The online chat was captured by Glen Jenvey who is part of an organization that secretly monitors the activities of radical Muslims who support terrorism. Jenvey, who we have worked with in the past and who has helped convict several high profile terror supporters, contacted The Jawa Report about the recorded conversation shortly after he captured it. The audio recording was made in what Bakri Mohammed believed was a private chat between himself and his radical followers.

But there's more. Bakri also claimed that Cat Stevens was an intimate of convicted terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. When the Egyptian born cleric, better known as "The Blind Sheikh", would visit Britain, "Yusuf Islam used to sit near to him and ask him whatever he want [sic]."

Bakri then suggests that Cat Stevens also helped support Abdel Rahman's family financially. He also claims that Yusuf Islam knowingly sent money to the families of "the mujahidin" in Egypt. Giving money to the families of so-called 'martyrs' is a way for Muslims to support terrorism indirectly and yet remain shielded from most legal ramifications.

Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman is head of the same group that murdered 58 tourists near Luxor, Egypt, and he is currently serving a life sentence in the U.S. for a conspiracy to blow up targets in the United States.

Read The Jawa Report exclusive here.

Ride on the peace train....

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