Sunday, November 05, 2006


State Of Denial

From Protein Wisdom:
Who is it that’s in denial, again…? (The Sanity Inspector)
We can only wish denial was the modern left’s biggest problem. They actually believe that America mid-wifed terrorism and Radical Islam. They view America as the bad guy and American actions as the deus ex machina that made the world the dangerous place it is today. [...]

In a way, this viewpoint serves them as a security blanket of sorts. Their simplistic logic holds that if American actions caused all our problems, then a reversal of course could make all those problems vanish. [...]

It’s all something of a shame. If you read the leftwing blogs, you know they’ve got hate by the boatload. It’s too bad that hate can’t be channeled at the people who hate them back, the ones screaming for Jihad and pining for their deaths.
-- Dean Barnett, “Crawl Over Broken Glass”

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