Sunday, November 05, 2006



Sky News reports that Saddam has been convicted of crimes against humanity and will be hanged by the neck until dead.

Compared to the psychopathic brutality with which he tortured, maimed, brutalized and murdered hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, he is destined to meet a most merciful end.

From Interested Participant, via the Jawa Report:
Other developments:
- Ramsey Clark was booted from the courtroom at the beginning of the proceeding.
- Saddam went on a tirade after the sentence was read saying "God is great" and "Death to the enemies." He was removed from the court room after babbling about the judges and the court being agents for the occupation.
- Two co-defendants were also sentenced to be executed.
- Sporadic celebratory gunfire has started in Baghdad.
- Iraqi forces have initiated a travel lockdown in the provinces.

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