Monday, November 20, 2006


How To Answer A Load Of Terror-Apologist Crap

Gillermania strikes again!

No day should pass without the entire world hearing Israel's Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman declare the truth from the U.N. stage about the Hamas Death Machine and its Iranian and Syrian sponsors. He was honest, blunt and forthright. The fact that he upset the double-dealing French is icing on the cake. Note to Jacques Chirac: Islamists are burning France to the ground: What do you do?

I would have thought an attack on French culture from within its own borders would alarm peace-lovers everywhere. But I don't hear their voices defending France, so I guess assimilation by Islamic fascists is okay with them.

Democrats, the "realists", the terror-apologist idiots, the terrorists themselves and their fascist sponsor-states: none of them can ever hope to emulate anything even remotely resembling the Israeli brand of courage; they can't even conceive of it. It's ironic that Israelis may after all be the only ones left standing in the way of another worldwide holocaust, especially if House Leader Nancy Pelosi, her incompetent Democrat caucus, and their Islamofascist heroes all have their way.

Beginning with France; caving to invaders is what they do best.

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