Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Points To Ponder

Back in the day, Bill Clinton and his allies argued that fellatio, at least as practised by Miss Monica Lewinsky on his own fine self, was not a sex act, which must have come as news to both the Miss and the Missus, especially given the infamous Blue Dress. Today, Dems who defended that absurdity are now calling a creepy Republican Congressman's lascivious IMs a "sex scandal" and accusing Republicans of a coverup, after Dems themselves sat on the entire story for months until it ripened into so-called October-Surprise material in time for the November '06 elections. It doesn't get any more cynical than that; it's even cheaper than slashing bus tires to prevent Republican voters from getting to the polls.

Congressman Foley is gone, banished by Republicans holding him to account. Meantime, Nancy Pelosi cries crocodile tears for "the children" whilst taking money from NAMBLA's legal advocates.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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