Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hugh Hewitt Tortures St. Andrew

For a guy with his pedigree, St. Andrew Of The Aching Heart should be ready to rumble with the Eeeevil Christianist Hugh Hewitt, don't ya think?

The answer is no: first St. Andrew accuses Hugh of maliciously employing the venerated legal tenet of only asking questions to which he knows the answer. M'Duh. Then The Sullivanian One bristles at being held to account for not backing up his words:
AS: You're asking loaded questions to which you know the answer. You do it all the time, Hugh. That's your modus operandi.

HH: Why didn't you footnote your references to Montagna?

AS: This is an essay; I didn't want to clutter it up with all that.
Andrew Sullivan doesn't want to "clutter up" his assertions with supporting evidence. That's all you need to know about Andrew Sullivan.

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