Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Bush Reaches Out To Islamofascists

Bill Roggio believes that the airstrikes on the Bajaur madrassa and training camp were the work of American SpecOps. I don't disagree. It could very well explain the heretofore inexplicable truce agreements between the Musharraf regime and the Taliban/Al Qaeda in Pakistan's No-Man's Land: make the deal, put them at ease, then kill 'em all. It's a tactic once employed by the ubersaunsative Michael Corleone, who cleaned things up nicely once he committed to his goals.

Idiots will howl over enemy propagandists' claims of civilian deaths, but that's what idiots do: they argue for the enemy. The important thing is that the Islamofascists hiding in Pakistan now know they can't trust their government contacts there. In fact, they can't trust anyone, because George W. Bush has shown that he can reach out and touch them, and that he probably has their number. It will force them to make a move, and that's what all military operations are about: affecting the enemy's behavior.

This looks to be an under-the-radar attack on big-time Islamists sheltering in Pakistan. If so, that's a Good Thing; it should cost to be in their company.

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