Saturday, September 09, 2006


Waaambulance Time For The Clintonistas

ABC is airing "The Path To 9/11" and Clinton Democrats are screaming like, well, Clinton Democrats do every time they have to face their own historic fecklessness (Okay, granted, Sandy Berger doesn't scream; he just quietly steals and destroys classified documents). No-one addresses Clintonista hypocrisy better than the eeevil Hugh Hewitt:
Begala and many of the "cancel it" camp are pretending anger over the fact that Rush (and 899 others, including me) got "screeners" of the program. Begala asserts that this proves deep bias. What it proves is that Rush has an audience of 20 million, and many of the rest of us large audiences as well. I get screeners and books every day by producers/agents/promoters of every stripe trying to get some air time or mentions. Begala knows this, just as he also knows that the program was screened at the National Press Club for a large audience that included, among other Democratic partisans, Richard ben-Veniste. The dishonesty of the attack on the program as selectively previewed tips us to the dishonesty of the critics, and reminds us of the assault on Sinclair Broadcasting during Campaign 2004. (And of the silence that came from the left when Michael Moore peddled his lies, or earlier anti-Nixon programs such as television's 1989 "The Final Days," or Oliver Stone's Nixon.)

Read the comments for a nicely organic exposé on the Clinton-apologist mindset.

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