Saturday, September 02, 2006


The Other Thing That Won't Die

I've decided that Larry Johnson needs me to critique his blog, because I've noticed several inacurracies and I know Larry could use help in that department, so here goes Installment Number One in my new multi-part (maybe three) blogseries, "Helping Larry", which could change tomorrow if I think of something that isn't lame. Anyway, here's Larry, in this heartfelt ode to Secretary Of Defense Rumsfeld:
You want to call the majority of Americans "appeasers," as you did in your speech yesterday at the American Legion National Convention? Here are a couple names for you. You're a jingo. Worse, you're a fucking loser.

C'mon, Larry, he didn't say the majority of Americans are appeasers- he was just referring to the idiots. And they're in the minority right now. Thank God for that, huh Larry?


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