Saturday, September 16, 2006


Milbloggers For Sanity

It's educational to read milbloggers' responses to the campaign by idiots to confer imaginary rights onto our enemies, whose barbarism is legendary. Somehow, idiots imagine that the mere goodness of their intentions will calm the heart of the Islamofascist beast. I guess they missed this scene on the bridge to Fallujah:

Underhanded former SecState Powell has come in for criticism for his utterly incomprehensible suggestion that there is some moral equivalency between American forces and the enemy (for which Bush rightly took him to task in his Rose Garden presser): Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive wants someone to remind him what he ever liked about Powell.

Chief Democrat Partisan Hack Harry Reid is staying true to form, uttering one idiotic antiwar banality after another, so 2Slick shares White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton's response to Reid's four-point plan for our defeat in the War On Terror. It sets the record straight for Mr. Reid, whom I doubt will ever find a clue, even should one be clubbed upside his empty head.

And while we're on the subject of setting things straight, Lt. Smash and Uncle Jimbo explain why only idiots still argue that American forces "let" bin Laden get away from Tora Bora, the essence of which boils down to this: idiots don’t fare well trying to ponder adult matters.

They're not milbloggers, but let's close with these wise words from Power Line:

The moral basis for our fight against terrorism is that terrorism is evil and that nothing we're doing to combat it remotely approaches that evil. Certain intellectuals, hack liberal journalists, and opportunistic Democratic politicians may flirt with the view that we risk becoming the moral equivalent of the terrorists. However, no foreign government -- democratic or otherwise -- can afford to indulge such nonsense. Not when it comes to thinking about cooperating with the U.S. to thwart, capture, or kill terrorists, and not when it comes to figuring how they themselves will treat terrorists.

In other words, reality bites.

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