Saturday, September 23, 2006


Israel Still Slated For Destruction

Palestinian figurehead Mahmoud Abbas startled many when he announced at the U.N. that a new Palestinian government would recognize Israel's right to exist (what a guy). There was one problem with that: he was making promises Palestinians do not intend to keep, and never will. Now he is in the unenviable position of being in public opposition to Hamas.

Here's the crazy thing about this: I'm sitting half a world away in North America and I could have told Abbas he was pissing in the wind. There is no way Palestinians will ever shed their hatred of Israel, whose accomplishments in the world starkly contrast with the wantonly self-destructive Palestinian mindset. It would be bad enough were it not cultivated but, having been fed daily first by Arafat and now Hamas, it won't change in our lifetime. It's a shame for both Israelis and Palestinians, both of whom deserve better; the Israelis deserve peaceful neighbors, and the Palestinians deserve sane leadership.

Ed Morrissey points out the one truth to come from this:
Abbas has done us a favor, although it certainly wasn't his intention. He showed yet again that engagement with the Hamas terrorists is an exercise in futility, even for other Palestinians. The Israelis have no partner for peace in the territories, and Abbas is nothing more than an empty suit at the moment. It will take a civil war among the Palestinians before responsible leadership can emerge that will have the mandate to reach a peaceful co-existence with Israel, and perhaps the best solution is to get out the way and let the Palestinians finally go to it.

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