Thursday, September 28, 2006


If You Don't Stop Pointing Out Our Rank Hipocracy, We'll Level Scurrilous Accusations At You

The Democrats were all aflutter about the headlines gleaned from the April 2006 NIE by the MSM, which distorted the findings of the document illegally leaked to them by someone in the CIA (some are looking at Paul Pillar). Then President Bush said well, if it's worth leaking it's worth reading, so let's publish the findings. Suddenly the Dems and their idiots are not so sanguine; they only wanted their edition of the report to surface, and they thought Bush would try to stifle them, not give them a megaphone. Shows how their BushitlerMcChimpy fantasies are affecting their judgement.

Now they want the entire phonebook-thick, secrets-laden document made public, regardless of how that would compromise national security. They contend that to not do so will show Bush is cherry-picking the findings, as the New York Times and they themselves did when they thought Bush would pass on the news.

Did I mention these fools expect to be elected to office in November?

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