Sunday, September 17, 2006


Deconstructing The Phase II Reports

The ever-vigilant Thomas Joscelyn, employing his own research and that of others, has been very busy dismantling the incredibly misleading Senate Intelligence Committee "Phase II" Reports. In so doing, Joscelyn reveals Democrats' audacious willingness to lie, fabricate, omit or spin, whatever is needed to weave their fabulous anti-Bush tales, all in service to undermining the President in the war against Islamic fascism. I've previously linked to some of these articles; this is a more comprehensive list that includes some related goodies you won't find in the Old Media. In order of their appearance:
Senate Intelligence Committee to Release Two New Reports
Rules Of Evidence
More On The Senate "Intelligence" Report
Would You Trust Him?
Saddam's Sources
Basic Mistakes & Foolishness
Spook Spin
It's Not Rocket Science
Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq on Saddam's Ties to Al Qaeda

It's the sort of compilation that demonstrates the extent to which the left is prepared to lie, even to themselves, about the enemy's record and intentions.

How Bad Is the Senate Intelligence Report?Very bad. Stephen Hayes reports in the Weekly Standard.

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