Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Propaganda For Idiots

Now that Reuters has been busted for its mindless dhimmitude by Charles Johnson , who also exposed the ham-handed fraud formerly known as Dan Rather, Gateway Pundit informs us that the New York Times has stepped in to take up the cause of Islamofascist propaganda.

Let's see, the Reuters fiasco, the gruesome parading of dead children in Kfar Cana, mysterious disappearing civilian casualties, the twice-bombed woman, teddy-bear- and tricycle-salting by pro-Hezbollah (or, simply Hezbollah) fauxtogs, multi-use buildings, they all lead to one question: is all of Lebanon faked?

Note to all those human shields going to Bierut to protect the fascists hijacking Lebanon: I wish you well, but you won't like the IAF's welcome to the real world.

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