Saturday, August 26, 2006


HuffPo Idiot: Burn The Reichstag

Flaming Skull Alert A HuffPo idiot suggests a proven Nazi tactic to ignite a "transformation" in favor of his political goals. Apparently the goals of clean air, medicare, gun control, embryonic stem-cell research and a Democrat in the White House would justify a massive terrorist attack on U.S. soil. In the spirit of the chicken-hawk meme, I nominate him to personally serve as the epicenter of the attack he proposes, and let's see how his "courage" holds for those he'd sacrifice to his cowardice.

The upside: This piece of garbage betrays the true nature of leftist thinking, in case anyone out there hasn't got a handle on it yet. The technique is a familiar one: first, declare how awful it would be to think/say/believe in your gut a vile and hideous thing, then use the all-purpose "but" to advance its case. It's a simple device with a simple purpose: to allow the writer to express what's really on his mind without taking responsibility for it. It telegraphs that the writer knows how hateful, irresponsible and dangerous he's being in presenting this abomination of twisted reasoning; otherwise, what's the need for the disclaimer in the first place? No, this coward doesn't just contemplate selling out his fellow man for the cause of all that's idiotic in the world- he's willing to lie about it as well in the hope he'll get a pass. If you don't believe me, read the comments following this idiot's rant. They come mostly from other idiots who support his reasoning but want to shush him before the adults take notice.

If this all sounds familiar, it's because it relates directly to the left's overarching concept that your life is not as valuable if you don't share their politics.

UPDATE: A more thorough examination at Caerdroia.

W/thanks to JYB for inspiring the title of this post.

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