Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Game Over; Plame, Wilson Still Traitorous Liars

If Christopher Hitchens' take on the end of the BDS-fueled Plame Game story is too, shall we say, strident for leftist sensibilities, maybe they'll find it easier to read Jack Kelly. Probably not. Either one is certainly better reading than David Corn or Michael Isikoff have provided lately, although it's fun to watch those two backpedal into passive-prose mode to gloss over their own part in this fiasco.

The list of losers is huge, but there is also a big winner, as Captain's Quarters points out:

It's easy to add up all of the people who lost in the collapse of Valerie Plame leak case after Michael Isikoff and David Corn revealed that Richard Armitage originally gave the information to Robert Novak. Joe Wilson watched his carefully-constructed and mostly false version of events come apart at the seams. Novak lost his job at CNN (later catching on with Fox) and came under tremendous criticism for his refusal to act to free other journalists from legal action. Patrick Fitzgerald put a lot of tarnish on his previously sterling reputation for extending a criminal investigation for years after the culprit confessed five days into the Department of Justice probe. Judith Miller lost the respect of her peers because of a belief that she protected Bush administration officials and acted as a mouthpiece for them, an assessment that none of her colleagues bothered to revisit after the Isikoff/Corn story came out on Sunday.

The only man who appears to have emerged from the spectacle relatively unharmed and perhaps enhanced is
Karl Rove.
I love it.

Imagine believing even a word of the Wilson/Corn/Isikoff fabrication, never mind being ideologically gullible enough to have swallowed it whole.

Note to idiots: That burning sensation in your cheeks? That's the heat generated by your brain realizing its own stupidity.

HT: Red Forman

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